Dorm Bed ($36)
Single Room ( $56)
Twin Room ($76)
Double Room ($76)

From 1st October 2019
Dorm Bed ($39)
Single Room ( $59)
Twin Room ($79)
Double Room ($79)




Due to increased costs, our prices have increased from October 1st 2019

Room Rates

                                                           Now                                                                           From 1st October 2019

Dorm Bed                                       NZ$36 per night                                                                           NZ$39

Twin Room                                    NZ$76 per night, Two single beds                                      NZ$79

Double Room                                NZ$76 per night, for two people                                         NZ$79

Single Room                                  NZ$56 per night, one person in a double bed               NZ$59

Children (up to 16 yrs)               NZ$20 per night                                                                         NZ$23

Children (5yrs and under)     FREE





Towel Hire                               $4
Washing Machine                $5
Dryer                                          $3 (washing lines available too)
Non-resident shower        $5
Lost Key                                    $20

As we cater for families and backpackers, We are not a suitable venue for stag/hen parties etc. We reserve the right to refuse any groups we feel may be likely to cause other patrons discomfort.

All Bedding is Supplied By Stewart Island Backpackers. No SLEEPING BAGS ALLOWED ON BEDS, as bed bugs spread through dirty sleeping bags.

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Your credit card will NOT be charged, it is to secure the room only. Payment is due in full upon arrival. We take Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard or cash.